Recognized leader in commercial and residential property smart protection against water damage

Recognized by experts

The solutions offered by Nowa are an integral part of the basic technical specifications of a growing number of engineering and architectural firms. An increasing number of insurers also highly recommend Nowa systems.

In compliance with the most rigorous certifications:
UL, CSA, CE, and NSF

Always staying ahead

Our product development rests on an active R&D department. Constantly on the lookout for the latest technology advances, our team is relentlessly testing and improving the reliability, functionality, ease of use, and coverage of our monitoring and detection systems.

Designed and tested in Canada

The design and reliability of our systems are backed by our experts. Serving as the last bulwark for owners, our products are not entitled to fail. That’s why we consistently submit them to rigorous verification and compliance mechanisms, performing reliability testing on every single unit prior to its sale.